make money online this year

10 ways to make money online this year

There are many ways you to make money online this year but hers are some of the most popular ways of making money online. You don’t need special qualifications for most of them. You start making money online by doing what you always do.

These are the ten most popular ways of making money online.

to make money online this year

10 ways to make money online this year

  1. Sell Products on Shopify Store
  2. Become a virtual assistant
  3. Become an influencer on Instagram
  4. Start print on demand online business
  5. Launch your blog
  6. Become a content freelance writer
  7. Write eBooks on Amazon KDP
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Apply to work on Fiverr
  10. Apply to work on Upwork

1. Sell Products on Shopify Store

You can start selling products on the Shopify store without having an inventory. Shopify allows you to open a store and have fourteen days of a free trial. After the end os the free trial, you will be paying $14 every month. You can import images of the products you want to sell to your website, market and start to make money this year by selling them.

Using an application like Oberlo or Spocket you can automatically fulfil for the product once the customers buy. Setting up a store using Shopify is easy and straight forward.

Oberlo will allow you to imports products from Aliexpress in China while Spocket allows to import products from the US and EU Countries.

make money online this year

2. Become a Virtual assistant

Most companies are looking for Virtual Assistant (VA) to work for them. A Virtual Assistant is a person who works for a company from a remote location. The virtual assistant is also known as an administrative assistant. You can work from home or any place. You only need to be online to do your job.

As most businesses have gone online these jobs for virtual assistant will keep on increasing. companies hire (VA) from other parts of the world to take advantage of the different time zones. This way to make money online this year by keeping in touch with their customers round the clock.

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3. Become an Instagram influencer

If you have a big following on Instagram, you can start offering companies promotions of their products to your following. Average Instagram influencers earn a lot of money by promoting clothes, hotels jewellery, cosmetics and many more.

You don’t need to have a big following on Instagram to offer these services. ‘Micro’ influencers have a following of between 6000 – 10000 followers. All you need is active followers who you can engage easily. You can also choose a niche that will resonate well with your followers.

How do I become an Instagram influencer

  • Get a niche that resonates with your following
  • Get your Bio well written
  • Tell your Story
  • Make you Feed/Grid appealing
  • Post your Content frequently
  • Start with a business account
  • Research on the Hashtags for your targeted audience
  • Get into Instagram Stories
make money online this year
US Dollar

4. Start print on demand online business

You can start Print-on-demand business through Shopify or Woo commerce by selling common things like T-shirts, Cups, Plates with unique designs. The idea here is to make money online this year with unique designs that your customer will like.

Then your fulfilling company through Shopify will print on the item and sent to the customer after purchase. You need the following to make money online this year through print on demand.

  • Get a Niche with products you want to target
  • Have good unique designs
  • Start a website
  • Get a Print provided and add to your store
  • Market your store through social media or advertising
  • Scale-up your business once you start selling.

5. Launch your blog

You can launch your blog and start blogging without a lot of costs. Get a niche that you’re passionate on. Start writing content that will interest your audience. Blog frequently. You will not make money on the first day, but once you build your audience, you will monetize your blog in many ways.

You will need the following to start your blog;

  • Get a niche that you’re passionate on.
  • Organise your content and schedule the posting.
  • Get a domain and web hosting
  • Get a content management system (CMS) like WordPress to write your content
  • Market your post on social media

6. Become a content freelance writer

Content writing has become a big business these days. Some companies pay for content from the content writers. You also be contracted to write content on various topics. This is how to make money online this year using content writing.

  • Get A niche that will make you different from the rest
  • Get a website or blog
  • Start writing on great things
  • Market your content on social media
  • Get your clients testimonials
  • Look out for jobs on content writing

7. Write eBooks on Amazon KDP

You can write and publish ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Once you have written your ebook, you start earning royalties every time your book is bought or read.

You can get content to write on from PLR (private legal right) books sold online. You can edit these books and make them your own. You can hire writers online to write your ebooks. Here is how to start to make money online this year by writing ebooks

  • Get your manuscript and cover ready
  • Adhere to KDP ebooks content guidelines
  • Create Amazon account and sign to KDP
  • Upload your manuscript to KDP bookshelf
  • Select appropriate category and Keywords for your eBook
  • Market on social media and promote on Amazon

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting other peoples products through your site, social media and earn a commission once they buy through your link.

Here is how to become an affiliate marketer.

  • Join Affiliate programs from companies that you want to promote their products
  • Get offers that have a good commission and easy to market
  • Get a unique affiliate link from the company
  • Use the link in your website, blogs social media or email marking.
  • Earn commissions each time customers buy through your link

9. Apply to work on Fiverr

You offer a service or skill of what you know best through Fiverr. Apply to Join Fiverr once you’re accepted you will market yourself for the skills you have applied.

Here are the requirements to join Fiverr;

  • Sign and set up your Gig on Fiverr for free.
  • Offer your services to the global audience
  • Start delivering great services and your customers will post positive reviews that will earn more customers
  • Payment is transferred to your account once you have completed work.
  • Become popular and earn more money.

10. Apply to work on Upwork

You can apply to Upwork and start looking for jobs that you can do for clients. Upwork is much easier to join if you are a beginner. Once your application to join is approval, you will select the jobs that you want to do and apply for them. It is one way to make money online this year.

Here is the requirement for joining Upwork

  • Choose a good profile photo
  • Select your skills and specialities
  • Upload some works that you have done before
  • Start with low paying jobs to get noticed
  • Become an active member
  • Expand your Portfolio


With whatever skill or speciality that you have, you will get opportunities to make money online this year by engaging with any job online. Online jobs are increasing year by year. You need to choose jobs that will favour you.

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