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5 awesome ways to make money on Pinterest and get Paid

If you want to make money on Pinterest quickly, then you will create a Pinterest account in your niche. A good niche is one that which you have an interest in. Pinterest has a big audience which will enable you to grow your business quickly.

If you want to learn how to create a Pinterest account click here.

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Here are five steps on how you can make money on Pinterest.

  1. Build Business audience within your Interest.
  2. Build a website on your niche.
  3. Start Promoting affiliate links
  4. Optimize your Pins with SEO friendly Keywords
  5. Create a Re-Pin strategy

1. Build Business audience within your Interests.

To make money on Pinterest, you need to start promoting business within your interests. If you create board and pins within your interests, you will be motivated to re-pin them much often. You also need a niche that you can target. You need to do some research on a niche that will resonate well with your followers.

Create Pin that looks attractive to your audience so that they will re-pin them on their boards. Use keywords that are researched from Pinterest of what people are searching on.

Your boards, Pins and niche should share keywords that will make the search engines relate with them. Pin your pins and pins from other boards that have related keywords to your boards.

2. Build a website on your niche.

If you want to make money on Pinterest you will need to have a website with a niche. Claim your website on Pinterest so that Pinterest will verify it. Once your website is verified by Pinterest, all your pins and boards will be shown to others like niches. You can research your domain name using domain rigistrar like

Once you have a website, all the pins you post on Pinterest will have your website link. These pins will deliver traffic to your web site and this will enable you to make money.

3. Start Promoting affiliate links

Once you have your website ready and verified by Pinterest then its the right time to start registering for as many affiliate programs as possible. Promoting these affiliate products will is how you will make money on Pinterest.

Promote affiliate products directly from your website. Pinterest doesn’t like Pins that are directly linked to affiliate sites. These pins that are linked directly to the affiliate site will not attract a lot of traffic on Pinterest. Pinterest will not show them to a lot of people.

Pinterest likes to show pins from a verified website. You can write a blog on the products you want to promote on Pinterest. You will get traffic to your blog where your affiliate links are.

4. Optimize your Pins with SEO friendly Keywords

On Pinterest, you can research on which keywords people are using to searching for products. Use these keywords to describe your pins. These keywords will make your Pins available every-time they are searched on Pinterest

If you use good SEO strategy your pins will be available not only on Pinterest but also on other search engines. For you to make money on Pinterest your pins must be easily available. You can use Keyword research tools like SEMrush.

To learn more on how to optimize your account click here.

5 Create a Re-Pin strategy

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For you to make money on Pinterest you will have to create new pins and board often. Pinterest rewards new pin creators by showing them to more people. You will also have to re-pin other people’s pins to your relevant boards.

You will also need to rotate your pins to other boards so that that you will show them to a bigger audience. Create new boards often. You can create great pins using Canva.


Pinterest is not only a social media platform but also a virtual search engine. Remember to use optimized keywords for your product to rank. Your products will not only rank high on Pinterest but also other search engines.

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