How to optimize your Pinterest account

7 Ways How to optimize your Pinterest account

These are 7 ways how to optimize your Pinterest account to rank on Pinterest, Google and other search engines. Pinterest has become one other most popular search engine. Pinterest is referred to as a visual search engine. Use the seven ways to optimize your Pinterest pins and board to rank well.

How to optimize your Pinterest account

How to Optimize your Pinterest Account

  1. Create a business account
  2. Setup business profile details
  3. Create Optimized boards and Pins
  4. Link Pins to your website
  5. Re-Pin your pins on your other boards
  6. Claim your Website on Pinterest
  7. Use Tailwind to Re-Pin your Pins

1. Create a Business account

How to optimize your Pinterest account

If you want to know how to optimize your Pinterest account, start by creating a business account. Optimize your account with relevant keywords on your niche. In a business account you will be able to access the following;

  • Add a business name in your account on your profile. It will make your profile professional with your business details well displayed.
  • You will claim and verify your website on Pinterest. It will make Pinterest give your pins prominence and shown to more audience.
  • You will be able to add a link(URL link) on your Pins. Your pins will drive direct traffic to your website.
  • Get data analytics on the performance of your pins.
  • You can run ads on your pins. You will reach more audience by this and grow your website traffic tremendously.

2. Set up business Profile details

You will be able to set up your business details like email, telephone contact and location of your business. With these details, your business brand will be more distinguishable from the competition.


3. Create Optimized Boards and Pins

Now that you know how to optimize your Pinterest account, you should do the same to optimize your boards and pins. Make your approach as follows;


Before naming your boards, do keyword research on Pinterest by typing a keyword on the search bar and checking what people searching on Pinterest. Use this keyword form the name of your board. Make the name of the board short and brief.

Use the same keywords relevant to your niche for the board description. Give your board as many keywords as possible. They will make your board rank fast.


Pins are the most important items on Pinterest. It is because this is where the audience interacts with your content. To have successful Pins, you should do the following;

  • Create well-designed pins with Canva.
  • Use the vertical dimension of 1000 x 1500 Pixels which is the recommended aspect ratio by Pinterest.
  • Give you pin description with the same keywords as the board you pin in first.
  • Use hashtags relevant to your content
  • Always pin your pin the relevant board first so that the search engines will know what the content is all about.
  • Add a URL link on your pins. The link will send you direct traffic to your website.
  • Note that Pinterest is a visual search engine. Make sure your pin stands out.
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4. Link Pins to your website

Link your Pins to your website. Pinterest does not like shortened pins. Don’t use shortened pins. Use your full link. Linking pins is what has made Pinterest a great search engine.

5. Re-Pin your pins on your other boards

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After you have pinned a pin on the relevant board, re-schedule it to pin on other boards. You will be able to show your pins to more audience. The more your add new content your boards the more you will rank better.

6. Claim your Website on Pinterest

Claiming your website on Pinterest is connecting Pinterest to your website. Pinterest will verify your website and will give relevance to your pins. It makes Pinterest know that your website is legitimate

7. Use Tailwind to Re-Pin your Pins

Tailwind the legitimate re-pin seclude authorised by Pinterest. You’re able to schedule pining to a more appropriate time when your Pins will perform best using Tailwind.

Tailwind will guide you on the best time for your pin schedules. With a tailwind, your pins will be scheduled to be pinned at anytime. It gives you an advantage when showing your pins on different timezones.

Although you can schedule your Pins inside Pinterest, Tailwind offers a scheduling calendar with boards where you have not pinned previously.


Once you have optimized your account, boards and pins, you will rank on the Pinterest within two weeks after you have pinned your pin. You will need to pin often so that your pins to rank on Pinterest. Pinterest gives priority to an account that is active on its site.

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