Create a Pinterest Account

How To Create a Pinterest Account 2020

Today you will need to create a Pinterest account the right way to rank high on Pinterest and other search engines. Pinterest has come a long way. It is not a social media platform but a search engine.

Create a Pinterest Account

How to create a Pinterest account

There are two types of accounts you can create on Pinterest.

  1. Personal account
  2. Business account
  3. How to create a Pinterest Personal account.

You will log in to Sign up your details using a social media platform like Facebook, Google or your email. Then enter your password and you will receive a message welcoming to Pinterest. Answer a few setup questions on your interest and select done.

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2. How to create a Pinterest Business account

You can create a Pinterest business account from scratch or you can change your personal account to a business account. If you have a personal account and want to upgrade to a business account, you can do the following;

  • Get in your personal account
  • On the top-right corner click menu
  • Then add a business account
  • Get Started
  • You will follow the message to create your business account
  • Then click next

Once your business is created, you will brand your account with a business name, Logo, Website (optional) email and address (Optional)

After opening your business account, you will need to verify it on Pinterest.

How do I verify my account on Pinterest?

This is how you claim your website on Pinterest

  • On the right upper corner go to the drop-down menu and select Settings;
  • Go to Claim
  • On Claim your website section Paste your URL
  • Click Claim
  • Copy the HTML tag to your clipboard
  • Paste the HTML tag on your website ‘Head” section.
  • Return to Pinterest and select Next
  • The Select submit for Review. Your account will be verified by Pinterest with 24hours with email.

What is the advantages of a business account over Personal account?

If you are running a business, you will need a Pinterest business account.

The business account has the following advantages;

  • You will get data analytics dashboard
  • Your run Ads on Pinterest
  • You will get statistics on the dashboard
  • You will Pin ‘Rich Pins’
  • You will get early access to new features

How do I Create Boards on Pinterest?

To rank high on Pinterest you will require to create boards that are relevant to your niche and well optimized. You will need the following to create a Pinterest board

  • On your Pinterest account Click the + button and select ‘Create Board’
Create a Pinterest Account
  • Name your board. Here give a name with the keywords you want to rank for.
Create a Pinterest Account
  • Select some ideas for your board and click ‘done’.
  • Edit your board with a good description of your board. Again use keywords that you want to rank for.
  • Post regularly on your board.

How do I create a Pin on Pinterest?

Pins are the most relevant items on Pinterest. The pins market your business on Pinterest directly because they bear a URL link from your website.

Here is how you create a Pin on Pinterest

1. Know the recommended Pin Size.

Pinterest has recommended size pins that do well on this platform. The recommended pin size is the 2:3 or 1:2:3 ratio size with 1000 x 1500 pixels. These pins are well visible on mobile phones. Most Pinterest users are mobile phone owners. Create pins with this in mind.

Here are the recommended Pin size

1000 x1500 Pixels

2. Get Good Pin Images that will inspire.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. You will need to Pin Images that are appealing and inspiring. The pins will catch attention and should stand out among others. They will drive traffic to your website if they attract good re-pins( Saves) and impressions.

3. Get Your own beautiful images

You can search for high-quality images from sites that have copyright-free photos like Unsplash, Pixel free images and Pixabay images. You can also get good quality images using your camera or mobile phone. You don’t need to be a professional photographer.

If you want to get your own photos, pay attention to the following;

  • Good lighting. Make sure your images are well light without overcast and shadows.
  • Edit your images. You can attempt editing your image to black and white. This might stand out against the colour photos
  • Crop Images. Highlight the part of the image you need to show and crop it be more visible.

4 Give Your Pin good Visual Style

Create a Pinterest Account
Visual Pins On Pinterest

Experiment different styles of your pin. Use different designing platforms like Canva to give your pins a good look. Brand your pins by adding a logo so that people will recognise your pins. Create Pins that are Mobile friendly.

5. Create Optimized Images for Pinterest Search

If you want your pins to rank high on Pinterest then create pins using keywords of what people are searching on Pinterest. The title description, image and text on your pins should correspond. The Pinterest search engine will be able to know what your pins are all about. You can use keyword research tools like SEMrush.

Highlight your Pins with branded images

Brand your pins using your logo and colour. Don’t let your people guess what your pins are all about. create curiosity that will lead to clicking on your pins and earning traffic on your site.


Create your Pinterest account by using keywords that are relevant to your niche. Use similar keywords to create your boards and pins. Create Pins that are appealing and inspirational. That will give you good impressions that will lead to traffic on your website.

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